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Piedmont Dental Assistants Inc. | Success Stories! in Pleasant Garden

Piedmont Dental Assistants, Inc.

A Central North Carolina Dental Assistant Program


"I would like to thank Piedmont Dental Assistants for teaching me the building blocks for a great dental career. Susie is a great instructor and motivator;she gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.  Thank you to Dr. Walrond for opening his office for all of us to learn."  

--Lauren K., Greensboro, NC

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Success Stories!


Hey Ms. Susie, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to you and Dr. Walrond for teaching me and preparing me for the best job I could ask for. After so many people telling me I'd never get a job anywhere going through the program, y'all gave me to encouragement to prove them wrong. I got my certificate in December of 2014, got a job just 2 months after working at WSDC. In November 2015, I started working for an oral surgeon and now I hold a DAANCE certification. I'm proud of myself but I couldn't have done it without yall. I hope my story can encourage others who go through the program. God is good! Thank you so so much!.



"Going into the dental assisting program I was very nervous, but Susie made the program exciting and fun.  Susie made sure that everyone kept up and we all succeeded.

All the work was hands on which really paid off once I got into a dental office.  I went to work as a DAI weeks after the program and LOVE my job.

I would recommend this program to anyone.  Ten weeks of hard work and fun turned into one of the best decisions of my life and gave me a career I am passionate about!"

--Brittany P., Summefield, NC


"I would like to thank Piedmont Dental Assistants for teaching me the building blocks for a great dental career.  I came to PDA to start my career in the Dental field and left with great friends and more knowledge than I thought I could learn in just 10 weeks. 

Susie is a great instructor and motivator; she gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. 

Thank you to Dr. Walrond for opening his office for all of us to learn!"

--Lauren K., Greensboro, NC


 “I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to work doing something I would love.   
I heard about Piedmont Dental Assistants and I am so glad I did!   With hard work and dedication I was on my way to 
being a qualified Dental Assistant in 10 weeks! 

The instructors are well experienced, knowledgeable and great to work with.  The course study is hands on and will give you the skills and confidence you need to be a successful dental assistant. 

I went to work 2 months after I graduated; I love my job as a dental assistant and have Piedmont Dental Assistants Inc to thank for it!"

--Cassie J., North Carolina


"I would love to share my experience that I had with Piedmont Dental Assistants.  I attended the school in 
January, 2010.  The course is 10 weeks long and you will learn a lot in that amount of time.

I have really enjoyed the school and the staff.  The instructor of the
course is Susie Coble.  Susie is a really sweet and caring
instructor.  Susie will give all of her knowledge to the students.

I had a week left of school and was offered a job, and I accepted the position.

The school gave me hands on experience and also the book knowledge as well.  

I would recommend Piedmont Dental Assistant school to anyone that is interested."

--Ella C., Archdale, NC


"Piedmont Dental Assistants made a huge impact on my life.  
I graduated from the program about two and a half years ago, and have been working as an assistant ever since.  
I was able to learn the fundamentals of dental assisting in a fun and personal environment.  

The small class size helped me to develop relationships with the teachers, as well as the students. 
I have even maintained those relationships, and if I ever have a question or need a word of encouragement, 
I know that my instructors are only a phone call away! 

The Saturday class schedule also enabled me to continue with a
weekly routine, and allowed me to work a full time job, while learning a new skill.  
I truly love dental assisting and am blessed to have been able to take advantage of this program!"
--Abigail J., North Carolina
"I have had the great fortune of getting to work with several of the  graduates from Dr. Walrond’s dental assisting program
and have been extremely pleased. I actually hired two young ladies who graduated from the program.
From their very first time at chairside I was impressed. Their basic skill levels were far beyond what I would have
expected (our office was the first job for one of the young ladies and the other had only been in one other dental office).
I have been practicing for 24 years and have worked with some very good dental assistants (and some not so good),
but the graduates of Dr. Walrond’s program that I have worked with are among the top dental assistants I have ever had
the privilege of working with in our office.
Not only are their basic skill levels impressive, but their basic knowledge of materials is impressive. I have worked
with dental assistants with far more experience who did not understand the basics of the materials we work with
in our office.
Based on our experience, our office can highly recommended either the training in Dr. Walrond’s program or
hiring someone who has graduated from it."
Jerry W. Reeves, DDS